The Ultimate EA Player Guide - A Inside Look At Everything Our Players Are Taught

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What this guide is used for:

Created first for our Youth Basketball Academy,( Elite Academy Belgium's most unique sports academy) - the guide is set out to teach more than Basketball.

It's to teach mindset.

It's to give standards that all should live, and play by.

It's all we do off the court to make what we do on the court better.

The guide is a complete no edit of what we think is important for our athletes, coaches and staff, now we want to share it with you too.

Who is this for?

Athletes, Coaches, and Sports Directors.

If you play a sport, work with athletes, or manage a club, this is for you.

What's Inside?

19 Chapters jam packed with action items that you can make a change, a shift, or a challenge in the way you do things.

How To Use:

The guide serves a catch all. Certain things may be applicable right away, others may be better later on. Read through and see what you can implement now, come back and check it out later on.


With the Elite Academy, we aim to not only create a youth basketball development program that helps our athletes become more complete basketball players, but at the same time support their growth as human beings beyond just playing basketball. We aim to build a platform that serves our athletes as optimally as possible to facilitate them towards a career as a professional basketball player, but at the same time taking into consideration their psychophysical and social growth by offering them a wide range of additional experiences throughout their years with us. 

Elite Academy is therefore a process which athletes sign-up and commit to: a process which just like its players, is in constant evolution itself. The Academy is therefore an all-encompassing holistic and educational basketball program that transcends the often narrow scope of other traditional sports programs. EA players are immersed in an international, supportive and communal environment affording them the ability to discover their full potential.

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The Ultimate EA Player Guide - A Inside Look At Everything Our Players Are Taught

0 ratings
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